Clinical trial FP&A that scales

Auxilius combines the process, guardrails and best practices of large pharma with the technology and analytics needed to drive trial financial precision, alignment and R&D success at scale. For a fraction of the cost of an FTE.

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Platform features and insights:

Unified trial budget

  • Manage vendor- and trial-level budgets against plan, digitally, in a platform designed to drive insight
  • Surface key contract terms and trial assumptions from burdensome legal documents – out of silos and at your fingertips for driving accountability and alignment
  • Reconcile budgets, accruals, invoices and payments to date across trials

Dynamic forecasting and accruals

  • Leverage Auxilius’ data-driven forecast and accrual logic – customized to your trial specifics and manageable across multi-trial portfolios
  • Tie key trial expenses to underlying cost drivers at an activity level, from milestone to milestone, and by vendor
  • Track accuracy against actuals to improve methodologies and support audit readiness
  • Ensure capitalization for upcoming quarters, and provide accurate inputs for fundraising or investor reporting

Invoice review and validation

  • Maintain a single platform for timely and precise invoice aggregation, review, and acceptance
  • Integrate and unify existing approval workflows in a single platform to ensure alignment across decision-makers on trial- and vendor-level spend
  • Validate invoices and flag off-plan costs with objective, third-party review of evidence across services, pass-through, and investigator fees
  • Connect and track trial-specific vendor spend with enterprise-level purchase orders

Change tracking and management

  • Collaboratively manage change logs with vendors to stay aligned around the magnitude and impact of change in real-time
  • Uncover trends in unplanned costs early to mitigate the risk of budget creep and trial delay
  • Validate change orders with objective, third-party review
  • Pinpoint underlying drivers of change to inform intervention or incorporate trends into budget forecasts and timelines

Financial risk management

  • Create goals and risk triggers to serve as trial guardrails, ensuring efficiency and accountability
  • Create goals manually or utilize historic trial data to define what ‘good looks like’ or to identify early predictors of risk
  • Identify financial risks early and raise with relevant stakeholders to address or internalize deviations from plan

Scenario modeling

  • Flex key cost drivers to understand the impact on trial cost and compare against “baseline budget”
  • Understand the impact of exceeding risk thresholds and planned timelines at both the line item and overall budget levels
  • Proactively model trial intervention (e.g. protocol change, add/close site, delayed timelines) without dependence on vendor inputs and vendor delays
  • Understand the trade-offs between cost, timing, and trial risk to ensure that any planned incremental spend meets ROI targets

Auxilius partnership and client experience

Auxilius will work with your team to import your contracts, project plans, trial budgets, and invoices into the platform, working with existing toolsets to ensure a seamless implementation.

We’ll configure existing accrual logic and financial processes, and customize dashboards and your experience to meet your organization’s unique needs and goals.

Powerful features, right-sized for Biotech

Auxilius is a lightweight solution designed from the ground up for Biotechs. We built a tool to deliver value at any stage of trial, rapidly — and without long or costly implementation. Our mission is to build software that gives small and emerging Sponsors best-in-class financial processes and controls.