Our Story, Our Mission 

Biotechs are the driving force behind new therapies that will cure disease and transform quality of life – but 1 in 3 clinical trials will fail for reasons unrelated to efficacy or safety. We started Auxilius after hundreds of conversations with experienced Chief Science Officers and CFOs who have learned (the hard way) that clinical R&D is about more than science.

Often overnight, science-led organizations become businesses — businesses with outsourced vendors, large budgets, operational complexity, and evolving capital needs. Roles need to change. Financial processes put in place. Organizations must mature. And yet it’s common to ignore financial maturity in pursuit of milestones.

If we want to combat rising prescription drug costs, we have to start at the beginning. We believe that costs matter — even in clinical development. We believe that Biotechs can bring drugs to market quickly and cost effectively. We believe that small and mid-sized Sponsors really can have it all — it just takes the right tools.

We believe

  • Biotechs should have the same control, insight, and rigor as Top 20 Pharma
  • Sponsors deserve tools (in all parts of the org.) built to handle the complextiy of clinical trials
  • Costs matter. To control drug costs, we have to start at the beginning
  • Biotechs can bring drugs to market quickly, and cost effectively.
  • Science matters, but trial outcomes depend on more than science alone
  • Science is inherently unpredictable, but budgets don’t need to be.

We’re ready to make better financial management part of the cure.

Auxilius team

Your partners for clinical trial financial control and precision

Adam is co-founder and CEO at Auxilius. Previously, Adam operated and invested in early-stage product and data businesses at the intersection of technology and healthcare at Redstar Ventures, IndUS Growth Partners, and DRG.

Erin is COO at Auxilius. A recovering Healthcare M&A banker (Barclays), Erin has spent the last decade as Operator and GM of three healthcare technology product businesses (Sqord, ContextMatters, Manhattan Research).

Cem Oztas is VP of Engineering at Auxilius. Cem has led technology teams across a myriad of early-stage and scaled technology ventures, including healthcare-focused firms Adaptive Software and Clarivate.

Libby is SVP, Strategy & Ops at Auxilius. She has held roles across finance, operations, and investing focused in the Healthcare and technology sectors. She was formerly with Bessemer, J.P. Morgan, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch

David brings 25 years experience managing global teams responsible for clinical trial outsourcing, contracting, and vendor/budget management at both CROs and large Pharma. More recently, David has been a consultant to emerging Biotech companies through R.H. Bouchard & Associates, Danforth Advisors, and directly.

Jon Sandler is co-founder and Chairman of Auxilius. Jon has served as Chairman and CEO at several financial and healthcare data, analytics and services businesses, including DRG, Piramal Group, IndUS Growth Partners, and the Kessler Group. 

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