For Sponsors who expect precision in science, Auxilius unlocks excellence in vendor management trial governance cost management trial FP&A

Why Sponsors Choose Auxilius


Unlock the value of software vs. spreadsheets for multi-trial Sponsors


Improve accuracy in forecasting, accruals, and managing cash burn


Bridge stakeholder POVs (Clinical, Finance, ClinOps, Project Management, and External Vendors)


Leverage connected, cross-trial data to define what ‘good looks like’ and make data-driven decisions

The power of platform: financial management and trial analytics that scale

Unified trial budget

Shift trial budgets out of static spreadsheets and into platform. Manage unified vendor- and trial-level budgets against plan, in software designed to drive insight, alignment, and scale

Dynamic forecasting and accruals management

Leverage Auxilius’s off-the-shelf forecasting and accrual model to accurately predict costs over trial lifecycles; automate accrual and reconciliation processes with data- and driver-based logic

Invoice review and validation

Integrate with existing approval workflows to ensure that sign-off and spend are informed by trial level context; validate invoices with data and objective, third-party review

Change tracking and management

Manage change in scope to stay aligned with internal and external stakeholders; Validate change with third-party review — pinpointing underlying drivers to inform intervention or incorporate into forecast

Financial risk management

Create goals and risk triggers to serve as trial guardrails, and flag deviation from plan before it’s too late. Put trial governance on auto-pilot with automated, best-in-class risk management tactics

Scenario modeling

Proactively model trial intervention, and understand the impact off-plan trajectories rapidly, without dependence on vendor inputs

Lightweight document management

Access digitized views of initial and ongoing budgets, milestones and invoices

I spent most of my career running as far away from budgets as I could. I’ve since learned that was a mistake. If you don’t achieve milestones quickly, you can run out of money.

Chief Science Officer with 20 years experience managing clinical trials

Most Sponsors pursue milestones at all costs, often at the expense of process

At Auxilius, we believe that’s a false choice

  • Real-time budget management

Manage trial runway and validate costs with a unified budget view

  • Bridge clinical and financial stakeholders

Increase transparency and accountability with internal and external partners

  • Risk management and trial governance

Employ data-driven guardrails to mitigate risk and achieve milestones cost-effectively

  • Integrate contractual, clinical & financial data

Unify traditionally disparate data to power dynamic models that keep plans in line with reality

  • Automate manual tasks

Let powerful software support core financial and accounting workflows, saving time and headaches

It’s time to make financial management part of the cure

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